School Policies


Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy has a strict dress code for all students that enable the teacher to best see and evaluate each student. Each RAD level as well as other dance classes have a required uniform- please see the dress requirement descriptions below for specific colours and styles. Leotards and tights should be worn without underpants underneath. Jewelry, skirts, and other items are a distraction to both student and teacher and are not permitted in any class. Please also review our Dress Code



All students are expected to attend classes regularly and on time. Any student more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted to dance but will observe instead. If an absence cannot be avoided, the missed lesson may be made up in another class as arranged by the instructor. Parents are expected to pick up their children immediately following class. If a child must remain late, please notify the instructor in advance – and/or please leave a message on the studio phone at 604-530-8050.



There is a two-month minimum registration requirement for all classes. If a student wishes to discontinue classes before these two initial months are up, a WITHDRAWAL FORM (available at the front desk) must be given to the studio office by the 15th of the second month in advance to avoid further billing.  Payment drafts will continue until the studio is notified that a student is discontinuing. There are NO refunds given for discontinued classes or missed classes.

A WITHDRAWAL FORM must be submitted to the office by the 15th of any month to stop the NEXT month’s charges to your account. Any withdrawal forms completed after the 15th will be considered dated as the 15th of the next month.  For example, if your dancer decides to drop in October, you must submit the form by October 15th in order to avoid being charged for November.

Monthly tuition is computed on the entire school year and divided into equal monthly payments and is the same each month.  Phone calls, phone messages, or verbal notice are not accepted as a form of withdrawal.  Payments will continue until you notify Lavrova Dance to discontinue them. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

There are no refunds after April 1, 2017. If you submit a cancellation notice after this day, you will still be required to make payments until the end of the season (June 2017). Please note that September and June fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. No partial month fees will be refunded.



All students enrolling for the first time in one of these classes must be the required age on or before January 1, 2017. No exceptions will be made. Initial class placement for older students will be made by Lavrova Dance staff based on both age and previous experience. There is a $30 assessment fee.



GPDC is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students.  Out of concern for our students and their families, the following rules apply to the waiting area:

  • Students are not to be left at the school for excessive periods before or after their classes.
  • Children under eight years of age are not to be left in the waiting area/lobby without parental supervision.  Parents are required to supervise their child(ren) and limit their child(ren)’s noise level and behavior to prevent disruptions, reduce confusion, and make everyone’s wait quiet.
  • Students are to take all belongings home with them after each class.  GPDC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Personal items that are left behind are placed in the lost-and-found box.
  • Food, gum, and beverages (other than water) are NOT permitted in the dance studios.  A student may bring a water bottle to class.  There are breaks for water during shoe and class changes.  Spills and garbage ruin the floor, attract bugs, and wreck the studio for the students and parents.  Be considerate of others!



Communicating with you is very important to us. If you’d like to speak with Ms. Irina or your child’s teacher, please leave a message for them in the office if they are not available and they will return your call as soon as possible. Please do not contact them at home, between or during classes unless they have asked you to do so.


It is your responsibility to keep up to date with what is happening in your studio. Studio newsletters are posted on our website at in the NEWS section every month, starting September 1st, with additional newsletters closer to the recital. A copy is also available at the studio and on our Facebook page. Be sure to check the bulletin board and website regularly so you are up to date on what’s happening in your studio. If you opt-out of receiving emails from us, you will miss very important information. Please be sure that you opt-in.


Lavrova Dance and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property during class or at any related function. Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations you may have. We cannot dispense any sort of medication. Please avoid bringing valuables to the studio but if you must, bring them into class with you as we do not provide lockers.


In most cases, our class fees are accepted as a tax credit under the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. We are happy to provide you a receipt with one week’s notice.

RECITAL COSTUMES- Distribution and Care

Costumes will be allowed to go home when all outstanding balances for the season (including tuition) are paid in full.  To ensure that the costume remains in the best possible condition and avoid rips, tears, spills, stains, etc., children should not wear or play in their costumes and/or accessories prior to the photo session, dress rehearsal or performance.  Please label costumes with your child’s name as well as shoes, accessories and/or tights, and to store costumes in a garment bag, again with your child’s name on it.  Do not wash costumes in your washing machine – dry clean only.  Some suggestions of always being prepared for performances or for classes – have a second pair of new tights on hand, store and travel with costumes in a garment bag with the name clearly visible as well as on costumes and shoes, and hang and press costumes before each performance.